Martin Cooper Has Transformed Humanity

The cell phone changed the world. It revolutionized how people communicate, freeing them to get in touch with one another at any time and in any place without the constraints of wires. The cell phone led to the creation and growth of new industries. Yet the true story of its creation has not been told… The book by Martin Cooper, Cutting the Cord tells that story. It centers on a battle for control of how people communicate, involving government regulators, lobbyists, police, technology breakthroughs, failures, quartz, and a horse. At the center of that story is Martin Cooper. This book describes how his early life influenced the creation of the cell phone and Cooper’s vision of the future.

Available in Hardcover, eBook, and Audiobook.

Vint Cerf – VP and Chief Internet Evangelist, Google; “Father of the Internet” 
“Cooper drops you into a Time Machine and YOU ARE THERE with him, inventing the future! ” “What’s that?” “It’s a telephone.” “Where are the wires?” “There aren’t any!” Thus was I introduced to the Motorola “brick” in 1983. If you are looking for a story of daring innovation and its challenges, this is a book for you.”

George Fisher, former President and CEO, Motorola; former CEO, Eastman Kodak

“For three decades, Marty Cooper was at the center of innovation in portable, wireless technology at Motorola, where I had the distinct pleasure of working with him. Then he spent another 30 years commercializing wireless technology through a number of entrepreneurial ventures. Marty knows how wireless innovations have developed—and where they’re going.” 

Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times #1 bestselling author of Triggers, Mojo, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.

“Lessons on how to be innovative, managing innovation, failing at innovation and inspiring others to be innovative; this book has it all because Marty Cooper has done it all! A treasure trove of insights for anyone who dreams about the future and how to create it.” 

Rob McDowell – Former FCC Commissioner

“Marty Cooper’s Cutting the Cord is a fun, fascinating and intimately personal look into the gripping story of one of the most consequential inventions in human history: the cell phone. While currently in his 90s, Marty’s enduring boyish charm and senses of wonder and humor shine into the reader’s mind with every turn of the page. Not only is he a visionary engineer and entrepreneur, but Marty can write and tell a story with aplomb: a rare combination! Since his youth, Marty envisioned that the sovereignty of the individual would be set free if we could evolve from calling a place to calling a person through mobile wireless technologies. This book reveals how he turned his audacious dream into a reality for all of us. Cutting the Cord is a must-read for anyone who has used a cell phone, is interested in how to lead with humility and humor, or if you just want a fun and interesting book to relish!”

Satya Nadella, Executive Chairman and CEO, Microsoft

“Cutting the Cord recognizes that innovation has always been about both standing on others’ shoulders and collaboration. Throughout tech, we all stand on Marty’s shoulders just as he stood on Marconi’s.”