Smart Antenna Technology

ArrayComm, Inc.

Invented world-leading smart antenna spatial processing technology currently being broadly deployed in 5G systems

In 1992, Cooper, with partners Arnaud Saffari and Dr. Richard Roy, founded ArrayComm, Inc., now the world leader in physical layer software and multi-antenna signal processing for wireless communication systems.  Its 4G/5G solutions shorten time to market and enhance base station capacity, coverage, and reliability, and are deployed worldwide by companies such as A Fujitsu, NEC, Hitachi, and Motorola.

ArrayComm developed smart antenna technology for the PHS Handy-Phone cellular system in Japan, which was the first commercial application of this spectrum-efficient technology. During the 2011 Fukushima tsunami disaster, the PHS system was the only communication available to many in the disaster area.

In 2005, ArrayComm was acquired by Ygomi LLC.