Safety/Senior Cellular Phone Service

SOS Wireless, Accessible Wireless, and GreatCall, Inc.

Innovated first custom cellular consumer phone and service focused on seniors, simplicity, and safety

Dyna’s SOS Wireless Communications, founded in 1994 developed the first value-added cellular solution focused on seniors, simplicity, and safety. SOS Wireless later merged with Dyna’s GreatCall, Inc., that fully developed and brought the solution to market.

Cellular carrier Accessible Wireless, Inc., another Dyna organization, was acquired and founded by Harris in 2001 to provide affordable wireless services to low usage users at a time when other carriers did not support this under-served market. In 2005, Accessible Wireless delivered the low-usage wireless services required for GreatCall Inc.’s customers.

GreatCall, founded in 2005, developed the Jitterbug phone in partnership with Samsung. Jitterbug offered a personalized, simple, affordable, and helpful cell phone experience that anyone, regardless of technological “know-how”, could use.

GreatCall and Jitterbug earned much acclaim and awards. Jitterbug was named to the New York Times “Top 10 List” of greatest technology ideas of 2006, per tech columnist David Pogue. It was a finalist in Yahoo’s “Last Gadget Standing” competition at the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show and was named one of Reader’s Digest’s “Top 100 Products”. In the same year, GreatCall was recognized with the wireless industry’s coveted Andrew Seybold Choice Award for “Best New Company”. It was also awarded “Best Small Business in 2008” by the American Society on Aging.

GreatCall was sold to a private equity company in 2017 and then acquired by Best Buy Co., Inc. in 2018 to establish its connected health market entry.