Marty Recognitions

Marty and the Motorola engineering team that developed the DynaTAC – the first cellular phone – were honored with the Globalspec Great Moments in Engineering Award on October 10, 2007.  The GlobalSpec Great Moments in Engineering award is presented annually to a person or group whose singular moment of engineering ingenuity produced a significant turning point for the application of technology and resulting benefits to people, science or industry.

Thirteen members of the team were able to attend the awards ceremony, and gathered for the photo below (courtesy of Motorola).

global-spec-great-moments-dynatacTeamFront row, left to right: Martin Cooper, communications operations vice president; Donald Linder, lead engineer (holding a prototype DynaTAC portable phone); Ken Larson, DynaTAC phone designer (holding the GlobalSpec award); Jim Durante, frequency synthesizers; Rudy Krolopp, design team leader.

Back row, left to right: Ronald Cieslak, integrated circuitry; Bruce Eastmond, base station designer; George Opas; Richard Kommrusch, antenna design; James Mikulski, system design; Daniel Brown, integrated circuitry; Al Davidson, antenna design; Richard Adlhoch, integrated circuitry. Other team members were not available for the photograph.


Read Globalspec’s announcement of the award here.

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