Marty Timeline

On October 17, 2002 in Bozeman, MT, the American Computer Museum presented Marty with the George R. Stibitz Computer and Communications Pioneer Award.  Stibitz is the man who, in 1937,  invented digital computing based on ones and zeros.  Apple founder Steve Wozniak gave a keynote address at the awards banquet, and also joined the six honorees for a public forum the next day.

In addition to Marty, the 2002 Stibitz Award winners were:

  • Ralph Baer, for Inventing the First Home Video Game
  • Leroy Hood, for Inventing the Automated DNA Sequencer
  • Klein Gilhousen, Principal Designer of CDMA Digital Cellular Phone Technology
  • James Russell, for Inventing the Digital Compact Disc
  • Jon Titus, for Inventing the Mark-8: The First Hobbyist Microcomputer Kit

Read about the 2002 Stibitz awards here, and review a list of all Stibitz honorees here.