Arlene Timeline

Arlene’s innovations impact worldwide communications – July 18, 2013

The Del Mar Times sat down with Arlene to get a glimpse into the life and legacy of the “First Lady of Wireless.” Arlene has “initiated major advancements in the industry, from computerized systems to activate new cell phones, to prepaid calling plans, to a cell phone service designed for seniors and people with disabilities.”

At home with Del Mar’s ‘power couple’ – May, 2011

Marty and Arlene are the pride of Del Mar, California. The local newspaper, ‘Dream Villager,’ met up with the “power couple” to discuss the evolution of the cell phone; including Marty and Arlene’s valuable contributions along the way.   [pdf-embedder url=’/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Dream-Villager-5-20111.pdf’ title=’Dream-Villager-5-2011′]

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