Marty’s predictions at Mobile Marketing Assn. Summit – July 15, 2014

When Marty keynoted at Mobile Marketing Association’s CEO/CMO Summit in Hilton Head, South Carolina, he gave them a history lesson into mobile technology, as well as his predictions into the next big revolutions within the industry. First, Marty says, “In healthcare, instead of curing disease, we should be preventing disease”.  Secondly, Marty tells us “when the brain is challenged, it actually grows”. He predicts a revolution in the educational system through 24/7 learning. Third, Marty points to “collaborative revolution,” citing the ruling change in Egypt which was energizer by Twitter.

Beginning with the start of the mobile revolution in 1973 and continuing with its revolutions in healthcare, education and collaboration, Marty’s idea is still helping to “set people free!”

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