Marty’s Foreword to ‘Mad Men of Mobile’ – January 1, 2014

Marty contributed the foreword to Danielle Newnham’s recently published book entitled “Mad Men of Mobile”  The book is an inspiring, interesting and entertaining collection of interviews with 13 leading entrepreneurs and innovators in the mobile space, who share their stories, from SIRI to SHAZAM.

In the foreword, Marty shares a lesson learned from the founder of Motorola and one of his mentors, Paul Galvin, — “Reach out! Do not fear failure!” Marty goes on to explain, “A Mad Man of Mobile will not only tolerate danger; he will seek it out — just as a champion skier or race driver pushes the envelope of performance with no regard for personal safety.”

As the inventor of the portable cellular phone, Marty is, perhaps, the original “Mad Man of Mobile.”

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