Game-changers: Marty and the new Mazda lineup – November 19, 2013

2013 marked the year when Mazda launched its biggest advertising campaign since ‘Zoom-Zoom’ became its tagline in 2000. The campaign, called ‘Game Changers,’ salutes sports and historical figures who have ‘changed-the-game’ — similar to what Mazda says it has done for the automotive industry.

Dick Fosbury, the Olympic Gold medalist who revolutionized the high jump, martial-arts legend Bruce Lee and Thomas Edison are just a few of the ‘greats’ that are featured in Mazda’s 30-second spots. It is no surprise Marty is also celebrated as a Mazda’s ‘game-changer’ —  6 billion cell phone users across the globe would likely agree! See the Mazda commercial here:

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