Marty’s Thoughts on Mobile Spectrum: NY Times – June 2012

In a June 6, 2012 article titled “Companies Try to Create Room on Radio Spectrum,” New York Times writer  Brian X. Chen captured Marty’s thoughts on the recommendations of a presidential advisory committee regarding cellular spectrum availability in the U.S.

Marty said:  “The committee is proposing the approach that I’ve been advocating for over 20 years,” he said. “The magic that makes all of this work is already known.”

Mr. Cooper said that even if the government granted the carriers a little bit more spectrum, there would be no guarantee that it would be enough to handle the ever-rising number of data-guzzling smartphones and tablets.

“How can 20 percent more spectrum — which is, in their wildest dreams, as much as they’re ever going to get — how can that solve the problem when you need 20 times more spectrum?” he said. “They’re not using technology that exists today and was demonstrated 10 years ago.”

Read the full article here.

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