The Evolution that Sparked a Revolution, Radio Club of America – November 2009

Marty’s article “The Evolution that Sparked a Revolution” appeared in the Radio Club of America’s “Urgent Communications” November, 2009 issue.  In the article, Marty recounts the history of radio’s technological developments ranging from radio’s underpinnings in research into magnetism in the late 19th century through the development of satellite, cellular and near-field communication technologies.

Marty finished the piece with this forward-looking conclusion:

More than half of the people on Earth now use cell phones. Satellites, GPS, radio and television continue to make our lives more productive and safer, to educate and entertain us, and to make our social connections more robust. But this is only the beginning. Banking, helth care and the ability of machines to “talk” to each other provide a few examples of where the use of wireless technologies will revolutionize the coming years. So long as people yearn for the freedom that mobility offers, the technology of radio, in its many forms, will be a crucial and essential part of our daily lives.

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Radio Club of America – Evolution Sparks Revolution 2009

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