“Only Connect: Sometimes a Phone is Just a Phone”, – September 2008

New York Times Columnist Alex Kuczynski discovered the Jitterbug cell phone, then visited with Arlene about how Greatcall decided to buck the smartphone trend and make a phone that’s just a phone.  Kuczynski and her 12-year-old stepdaughter both bought Jitterbugs, on the reasoning “And while I like the iPhone, everyone and their dog has one, while no one I know has a Jitterbug.”

In what she called “a reverse exercise in cool,” Kuczynski and her stepdaughter took their Jitterbugs for a walk in New York City:

“We both liked the rubber piece on the receiver that makes it easier to hear, and we liked the brightly lit keys. By the time we got to the toy store, a couple of preteens had stopped us on the street to check out our new phones. “Watch out, Ponyboy,” my stepdaugher said. “Greasers.”

“It’s the latest thing,” I said, brandishing my phone. “The Jitterbug!”

They all looked at the bright screen, the big rubbery keypad and the shape. “Dope,” they said and got back on their skateboards.”

Read the article here.

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