“Mobile WiMax – Fourth-Generation Wireless,” Bechtel Communications Technical Journal – September 2007

Marty contributed an article entitled “Mobile WiMax – Fourth-Generation Wireless,” to the Bechtel Communications Technical Journal in  September 2007.


Mobile WiMAX™ has been positioned as a 4G wireless WAN technology. For mobile WiMAX to become a serious 4G contender, there must be a substantial improvement in some combination of its performance, capacity, and economics, compared with that of other contenders. In this respect, the IEEE 802.16e standards that define mobile WiMAX provide considerable flexibility. This paper is a high-level survey of the more distinctive technologies that, together, have the potential of creating the improvements that will make mobile WiMAX successful. The paper suggests that mobile WiMAX will be successful only when the potential technological improvements permitted by the standards are aggressively adopted. While intended for decision makers and others who require only a general understanding of mobile WiMAX, the paper does include references that will lead designers to appropriate sources. Read the full article below.

[pdf-embedder url=”http://dynallc.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/MobileWiMAX-BTTJ1.pdf” title=”MobileWiMAX-BTTJ”]

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