Arlene Named to Wireless Hall of Fame – May 26, 2007

In May, 2007, Arlene’s lengthy list of contributions to the industry was recognized when she was named to the Wireless Hall of Fame.  RCR Wireless announced the award with this introduction:

“Arlene Harris has been connecting people to one another for a long time-ever since she was a child, helping connect calls for her family’s mobile telephone switchboard in the 1950s. Harris has continued to forge connections through communications products as the wireless industry has evolved from its infancy, from her family’s dominant paging business to her current project, the mobile virtual network operator GreatCall Inc. and its Jitterbug service. Harris, often called the first lady of wireless, has seen the industry grow up and says there is still a vast future ahead for wireless-even though its humble beginnings aren’t all that far in the past.”

Arlene follows Marty into the Wireless Hall of Fame.  Marty was one of the inaugural members of the WHoF, when it was initiated in 2000.

Read the RCR Wireless announcement here.

Jay Kitchen, another wireless pioneer with his roots in wireless policy due to his tenure at the FCC, PCIA and as a Washington spectrum-policy lawyer, was also named to the Wireless Hall of Fame in 2007.  A list of all Wireless Hall of Fame Members is available at the Wireless History Foundation website.  Click here to view it.

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