Andrew Seybold Names GreatCall Best New Wireless Company – April, 2007

Industry analyst Andrew Seybold presented Jitterbug with the “Best New Company” award at his 2007 Wireless Dinner, an event formerly held in conjunction with CTIA Spring but now moved to CES, that pulls in top industry executives.  In his commentary on the awards banquet, Seybold had this to say about Jitterbug:

Great Call received the award based on its Jitterbug Phone and service. This is the phone I call my mother’s phone. It is simple, has yes and no buttons, large keys, large type on the screen and a service behind it that makes it foolproof. You can have the operator place calls, remind you of an appointment and help with an emergency call. The operator can also program a new phone number directly into your phone. And, by the way, your phone listings don’t have to be alphabetical. They can be entered by, for example, frequency of use.

Read Seybold’s article here.


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