Jitterbug Makes David Pogue’s 2006 Top 10 Gadgets List – December 2006

New York Times technology columnist David Pogue included the Jitterbug cell phone in his 2006 Top 10 Gadgets List, in an article titled “Brilliant Ideas That Found a Welcome” on December 28, 2006.  Calling it “The Uncomplicated Cellphone,” Pogue complimented the Jitterbug phone with this comment:

“Its Jitterbug phone is a big finger-friendly flip phone with huge light-up number buttons, no nested menus at all, and — get this — a simulated dial tone.”

Other gadgets included in Pogue’s 2006 Top 10 Gadgets are:

  • The Flash-Drive Fuel Gauge
  • The Magnetic Power Cord
  • The Two-Stage Flash
  • A Radio Record Button
  • Music Beaming
  • The Video-Game Workout
  • The Trackpearl
  • The Face Finder
  • Point Without Pointing (voice recognition)

Read the article here.


The Uncomplicated Cellphone

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