New Take-Along Telephones Give Pushbutton Calling to Any Number – Popular Science – April 1973

Popular Science magazine attended a demonstration of Motorola’s new cellular calling system in April 1973, and wrote up their impressions in an article titled “New Take-Along Telephones Give You Pushbutton Calling to Any Number.”  Unfortunately, we only have the first page of this early article describing the first cellular telephone network.

The excerpt includes this quote from John Mitchell, a member of Marty’s design team at Motorola:  “In a city where the Dytnatac system is installed, it will be possible to make telephone calls while riding in a taxi, walking down the city’s streets, sitting in a restaurant, or anywhere else a radio signal can reach.  We expect there’ll be heavy usage by widely diverse groups — businessmen, journalists, doctors, housewives — virtually anyone who needs or wants telephone communications in areas where conventional telephones are unavailable.”  Mitchell also pointed out a benefit of cellular phones little thought-of today:  the ability to use wireless communications over a large area without needing to obtain a license.

Review the first page of this article by clicking here.

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