Dyna LLC

Technology: Insightful, Innovative, Relevant


Although they continue to participate in the companies they founded, Marty and Arlene’s focus has evolved to the field of broadband access technology and policy. Their interests are on the application of technology in new ways to the variety of services at the intersection of broadband and the internet.

Advisory: Marty and Arlene continue to provide advisory services to start ups and entrepreneurs whose visions and missions are related to their own.

Marty is a member of the Department of Commerce Spectrum Advisory Committee which advises the Deputy Secretary of Commerce on spectrum issues. In addition to writing and speaking, he actively supports young students in their history research projects such as the National History Day Competition.

Arlene actively invests in the development of new services, devices, and accessories that will address the wave of new solutions that will flood our lives.

Licensing: Dyna owns rights to a variety of technologies. Dyna licenses extend fundamental and reciprocal rights to GreatCall for the U.S. and Canada. New market interests in mobile health, including serving older consumers, have stimulated the prospects for other deployments of Dyna’s technology and interests by Arlene and Marty.  Inquiries.

Incubation: Dyna is actively conducting new projects that extend beyond technology and its application as we know it including a new broad mass-market solution that promises to deliver simpler, safer, and more engaging communications services. Standby for more details.

Since 1983, Marty and Arlene have continued to support each others’ visions to make new communications technology relevant in a rapidly changing digital world, through their insight and innovation and support of those who share their passion.