Dyna LLC

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Dyna’s Work

Dyna, Home of Wireless Communications Pioneers Martin Cooper and Arlene Harris

Dyna was formed in 1986 to provide a launching pad for Marty’s and Arlene’s work in wireless technology, business-to-business, and business-to-consumer products and services. Although a substantial amount of their accomplishments predate their meeting and the formation of Dyna, they have worked together fostering their own and other early stage companies since 1983.

Marty’s Background:

an electrical engineer, inventor, executive and visionary with a long history of leadership including components, wireless products, product optimization, R&D management, spectral efficiency, and public policy. He speaks regularly on these subjects. His recent focus is on broadband policy and the unique benefits it will bring to a bandwidth hungry world with special focus on healthcare.

Arlene’s Background:

steeped in innovating upon the foundation of technology that Marty and other brilliant technologists have enabled. Her colorful history was inspired by her successful entrepreneurial family of wireless pioneers. Her passion is bringing solutions to life’s real problems often requiring new and unconventional approaches. She has a long history as an inventor and visionary business builder – always aggressively challenging the status quo where change is needed.


Among the companies they have created and managed are Cellular Business Systems Inc., Subscriber Computing, Inc., Cellular Payphone, Inc., SOS Wireless, ArrayComm, Inc., Accessible Wireless, Inc., and GreatCall, Inc. Dyna provides a home base and support for Marty and Arlene’s IP, licensing, and engagements, including consulting, speaking, advisory, advocacy, Board work, and technology and business incubation activities.